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This game is designed to be used once children have been given an introduction to Whitehawk Camp, the Neolithic and Mesolithic in class. The teachers’ notes that come with the game should give teachers sufficient background knowledge of these subjects for them to produce lesson plans after which the game can be used as an interesting and interactive way to cement the subjects that they’ve learned in class.

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The game is designed to introduce primary school pupils at KS2 to early periods of Stone Age prehistory in Britain and how people in Sussex and Britain were influenced by a new culture and way of life spreading from the East. It uses a major local site, Whitehawk Causewayed Enclosure as the focus for discussions that cover issues such as the major change of lifestyle from mobile hunter-gather to settled farmer in Britain. The arrival of new technologies for making tools and cooking (KS2 Design and Technology); the uses of everyday materials and changes in nutrition and diet (KS2 Science); elements of human geography (KS2 Geography), settlement, land use and natural resources. It also introduces the subject of archaeology and how we uncover information about our prehistory in a time when there was no written word to inform us.


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